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27th September 2023

In a society filled with misconceptions about homelessness, "14 Nights" emerges as a timely and essential conversation starter. It's a book that challenges and reshapes our perceptions of rough sleepers, urging us to see past the stereotypes and encouraging positive action to help those who are most in need.

The inspiration for "14 Nights" came from an extraordinary journey embarked upon by our CEO, Tim Renshaw. In 2022, Tim documented his two-week sleepout on the streets to shed light on the challenges of daily life as a rough sleeper. This experience serves as the foundation of the book. However, "14 Nights" goes beyond Tim's journey; it shares the lived experiences of people who had no option other than rough sleeping. Their reflections on homelessness, the circumstances that led to their struggles, and the collective steps we can take to help them rebuild their lives are all included.

Tim Renshaw emphasises the need to shift our focus from judging people's behaviours on the street to examining the root causes of their plight. "If our children don't experience extended traumas, they will have opportunities instead of nightmares," he says. "And if we can intervene when trauma does happen, we might stop, or at least reduce, the decline that leads to the streets."

With a foreword by Dame Julie Kenny and contributions from trustees, volunteers, and beneficiaries of The Archer Project, "14 Nights" provides a comprehensive perspective on rough sleeping. It explores the long-term effects of early trauma and the roles played by various organisations in helping individuals leave the streets behind. The statistics are shocking, with a substantial increase in meals served at The Archer Project in 2023 compared to the previous year. As winter approaches, the demand for emergency support intensifies, slowing down progress for others. "14 Nights" is a vital tool to transform these statistics into individual stories, reminding us that these challenges are often closer to home than we might think.

The book launch for "14 Nights" will take place at Off The Shelf, one of the UK's largest annual literary festivals, in Sheffield. Hosted by our trustee, Surriya Falconer and Chris Lynam, one of our volunteers who has previously experienced homelessness and has contributed to the book. The event promises insights into the book's creation and expand public understanding of homelessness and the difficulties faced by the people experiencing it.


For over 30 years, we have been able to help empower people experiencing homelessness to make positive changes towards building a more fulfilling life for themselves, with a sense of security and belonging. Many more people still need help on their journey out of homelessness, and every copy of this book contributes to the charity's vital work, creating a brighter future for those experiencing homelessness.


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