2021: A year in numbers

10th January 2022

2021 was a year with many challenges. We started off the new year in a national lockdown which meant we had to limit the number of people we allowed into the project to ensure our services were in line with government guidelines. 

Despite the hardships, we managed to keep our doors open and we continued to support Sheffield’s homeless and vulnerable. In 2021 we supported over 610 individuals within our centre. The support we give comes in a variety of different ways depending on the individual’s circumstances, but some of the things we help with are: helping someone to find accommodation, getting them seen by a health professional, feeding, clothing, shower/ toilet facilities and more. 

We served over 7,230 breakfasts and 6,300 lunches to our service users in 2021 and we were able to do so with the help from our supporters and volunteers. 

We currently have 23 people within our fulfilment programme, which is one of the later steps and comes after a person is in accommodation and living a more stabilised life. The fulfilment group is there to help the individual develop their sense of self. Living in crisis leaves little room for exploring all of the possibilities available in our world, and when someone stabilises and starts thinking about progressing in employment or volunteering, they often realise they don’t know what they’re good at, or what they enjoy. The fulfilment group is there to encourage people in their strengths, and to remove any barriers to them moving forward in the way they want to. It supports someone to move from a survival mindset to a thriving mindset, which also includes a focus on personal wellbeing. Wellbeing activities such as sports, crafts, exercise, and group outings help individuals to improve their physical and mental health, and to start to feel empowered to take the next steps they want to take. Out of the 23 people in the fulfilment programme, there are 21 of whom are employed by either ourselves or another organisation which is fantastic! 

We’re hoping that 2022 will be a year in which we can do more to help Sheffield’s homeless and vulnerable. Find out how you can support us here.

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